LiberalOC Blogger Blows Cover of Covert Operative at the Registrar of Voters

It appears that I may have violated the Orange County State Secrets Act and unceremoniously blown the cover of a covert operative holding a desk job at the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

In a post this morning on the OCBlog I named “Neil Kelly” as the person responsible for a series of mistakes, including allowing CUSD staff have illegal access to recall petitions, providing inside access to information about the signature validation process for that recall, and failing to have paper ballots on hand when electronic voting machines failed at some polls in June.

The crack research staff over here at TheLiberalOC has discovered that what was previously thought to have been the simple misspelling of Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley’s name actually blew the “non-official cover” of a covert employee of the Registrars’ office.

Apparently, what I didn’t know at the time was that there is this guy named Neil Kelly working in the Registrar’s office. He was, until I blew his cover, assigned to prevent terrorists from overthrowing the Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees and keep weapons of mass distraction (votes) out of the electronic voting devices used by the Kelley to rig elections.
This Neil Kelly guy was brought in secretly after terrorist citizens were successful in convincing the Secretary of State and lawmakers that the electronic election fixing machines should have a paper trail. Kelley was overheard when the decision came down telling his aides; “Next they will want us to let actual votes be recorded on these machines. We need someone to fix this.”

You know, Robert Novak couldn’t have blown this Neil character’s cover any better. Since this person can no longer perform their covert duties, Neal Kelley has apparently proposed in an email to County CEO Thomas Mauk that this Neil Kelly guy take the fall for his mistakes over the past few elections.

In his email, anonymously leaked to TheLiberalOC, Neal Kelley points out; “Someone needs to take the fall for the whole Republican Party paid voter registration switching mess and all this other stuff. Neil is the logical choice. His name is similar to mine and he has nothing to do now that this Prevatt guy blew his cover.” Kelley continued; “We can put him on administrative leave until late October, bring him back and keep him around until after the November election to blame any General Election problems on him as well. Then we boot him out the door. Problem solved.”

Mauk responded; “Great thinking Neal, now that’s how you run a professional County department. Any idea’s on how we can get that Prevatt guy charged with treason?”

But seriously folks…

How many mistakes must this guy make before the Board of Supervisors cuts him loose? He screwed up his responsibility to investigate the Republican Party sponsored Voter Registration Fraud. He failed to do his job correctly in verifying the recall petition signatures, and by the way I was wrong in my post this morning, the matter isn’t settled its is being appealed. This incompetent fool cannot even follow the instructions of County Counsel regarding who to let see the recall petitions and to top it off, he and his staff provide inside information to Capistrano Unified School District officials. And he can’t even make sure enough paper ballots are available for voters to use when the voting machines break down.

Wake up people and smell the Kool-Aid.

What are you waiting for, an 18 minute gap in Neal Kelley’s memory?