Frank Barbaro: “President Bush’s policies have been a disastrous failure.”

The chairman of the Orange County Democratic Party, Frank Barbaro writes a column for OC Metro. This week he focused on the war in Iraq, and he had some questions:

How long has it been since George Bush strutted in a pilot’s jumpsuit on the aircraft carrier proclaiming “mission accomplished”? How long since Donald Rumsfeld, the secretary of defense who Bush says is doing “a great job,” claimed that the insurgency was just a few “dead enders.” How long since Vice President Cheney announced that the insurgency was in its final throes? How much more nonsense from these bunglers can Americans who still support the president’s Iraq policies swallow?

I think that Barbaro is right to point out what not enough people are talking about: that Republicans are blindly marching in lock-step behind a foolish, failed policy. And that Republicans seem to be pleased with the disagreement among Democrats about what to do in Iraq.

The reality is that when you have a mess as big as the one the Bush Administration has created in Iraq, there are no simple or easy solutions. At least Democrats have the courage to tell the truth and search for real solutions.

[Barbaro’s column in OC Metro]