Orange County Political Blog Roundup

Here’s a quick recap of what’s happening at your local political blogs:

The Orange Juice is under attack! Art Pedroza at the Orange Juice Blog posts about recent turmoil in the blogosphere surrounding Bernedette Medrano and the SAUSD posts going on over at his blog.

Medrano has made it clear that she intends to “go nuclear” against this blog. Well, consider this a preemptive strike. I, and my blog team, have worked very hard to establish this blog. I am not going to let someone with anger issues attempt to destroy it.


Bill O’Reilly is planning a trip to Orange County. Matt Coker at The OC Weekly blogs about a September trip that O’Reilly will be making to the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.

I’ll pay $100 to the first person that gets O’Reilly to inscribe a book with the message “To my friends at,” and a signature.


What would Jesus veto? Today Bush vetoed the stem cell legislation and Mike Randall is pissed!

The “Right to Lifer’s” have essentially signed the death warrant for people with genetic diseases. Oh sure some will say it’s “God’s Way” but don’t we have a purpose to find a way to save more people? This is oxymoronic – Bush’s vetoes the Stem Cell legislation (a bill supported by Nancy Regan) while posing with babies in the east room of the White House, the same children that may someday develop a genetic disease and die due to the government not agreeing to support stem cell research.


Bush good, veto good, stem cell research…uh, good? The OC Pundit writes a confusing post about his love and support for both G.W. and stem cell research.

I do think that stem cell research is important and I feel that it should be explored.


I do, however, agree with the veto.



OC Republican Party Early Endorsements: The OCBlog posted the early party endorsements for the GOP.

Leslie Daigle got the nod for the 4th District in Newport. Looks like Barbara might have to go back to cable access.


Handicapping the 2008 GOP presidential nags. John Seiler at the OC Register’s Orange Punch blog tells us all of the reasons we shouldn’t vote for the top four Republican faithfuls in 2008. I think this is Seiler’s way of telling us he wants a Dem to win.


Steve Ambriz Memorial Poker Tournament: Orange City Councilman Jon Dumitru blogs about an upcoming poker tournament to benefit the Kaitlyn Ambriz Scholarship Fund.

Steve is the Orange City Councilman that was killed in a car crash near the end of May this year.


CUSD’s spin on the list fiasco. Mission Viejo City Councilman Frank Ury blogs about the nonsense going on at the Capistrano Unified School District and the ever-evolving list leak.


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  1. July 20, 2006 at 7:59 am

    The heck with a signed copy of the book, how about a photo of Big Bill himself when you present him with a loofah. Or how about shwoing up in a T-shirt that says “Andrea Mackris still has the tapes.” Or better still, show up with Al Franken.

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