One-Year Reprieve

I just read in the OC Register that the day-labor site along Laguna Canyon Road will remain open for at least another year, thanks to the good folks working at The City of Laguna Beach.

Of course, the agreement with the city and CalTrans is a controversial one. The Minutemen, SOS, and CCIR are already planning a protest this Saturday, according to a press release I read at the OC Blog. And I think that’s okay.

History will judge these times.

The immigrants that are out there at the day-labor center, sincerely and peacefully looking for work, are analogous to real Patriots in America’s history—people who came to this country in search of a better life and to build a more perfect Union.

Sure, we’ve got some immigration reform to work on. But we have to recognize that any proposal for true reform from D.C. has to start by recognizing that over 20 million undocumented workers are in our country contributing to our economy. Whether the vigilantes like it or not, we need these people.

What the city of Laguna Beach said last night is that there is no space for hatred, prejudice, violence and provocation in the neighborhoods of Laguna Beach. And the vigilantes are going to protest that this Saturday.

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