Irvine City Council meeting tonight

Really glad the Register’s Frank Mickadeit is still so interested in the comings and goings at Irvine City Hall. Frank still can’t stop writing about the Irvine Sister Cities issue between PRC and Taiwan. There was a letter to the editor in the Irvine World News from former Agran aide Stephen Smith that essentially said expressing regret, as Beth Krom did, is not the same as apologizing, as he said Agran didn’t. No word on whether Krom’s critics will demand an apology from the Federal government for their OneChina Policy, because that would mean bashing President Bush, Sec. of State Condi Rice et al….. (the only time conservatives in Irvine listen to progressives is when they come out against Agran; its a fun game to keep score to).

I have studied politics long enough to know you that when one side goes negative, it’s because they often don’t have anything positive to say. I’ve also known Beth Krom long enough to know she has more integrity and spine than she’s ever give credit for by the press or by the opposition.

But tonight, Mayor Krom faces an interesting task. Council person Christina Shea will introduce a resolution to express appreciation to the Orange County Grand Jury for a report critical of Irvine’s handling of the Great Park management issues. As far as I know, the Grand Jury never called Mayor Krom to testify even though her longevity on the city council precedes theMeasure W campaign (though I am sure both Shea and Dr. Steve Choi testified).

Shea’s resolution will praise the OC Grand Jury for challenging the city’s annexation of the base which was done because the Navy decided to sell the property instead of just handing it over. This way, the city could sell the land and the revenues used to fund the Park’s development.

The fact is the Irvine CityCouncil worked with the US government to create a plan to build the park and generate more than $600 million to do so. And Shea seems to want to place control for this park back in the county’s hands. Everytime she is critical of Irvine’s handling of the Park managment, the pro-airport folks have letters to the editor in the Register saying “told ya so.”

The report also called for the county board of supervisors to sue Irvine to regain control of the property and assert county control over the Great Park plan (aren’t these the same people who wanted an airport?).

I wouldn’t blame Krom for dimissing the whole thing, but she will follow the rules of the council.

I live three miles from the runways and we have a city councilor pushing forth a resolution supporting a report that urges a lawsuit against our city? Oh yeah, the earns my vote…not.

I wonder how that Romance Task Force is doing these days?