Hugh Hewitt 2.0

The OC’s very own Hugh Hewitt, author of “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat” and “Painting The Town Red” relaunched his blog on July 4th at It is much like the old blog with one notable exception; readers can file comments to his posts. And its about time.

Hugh is getting lots of airtime these days. But his new blog, like his old blog, can be unreadable at times. He is rock solid in his belief that America should be a one-party-led government and that Iraq was in fact a threat to America. You can listen to Hugh’s unique interview style by using the search function on and don’t miss his verbal assault of Helen Thomas in his quest to learn who she voted for in 2004 (like it matters).

Hewitt was a recent guest of the Washington posts Howard Kurtz on CNN’s Reliable Sources program. And like most righties, is convinced that the New York Times’ publication of the banking surveillance story allowed terrorists to elude capture (wow, we could have had Osama, but they he got his copy of the NY Times….); but how Hewitt is so sure that any terrorists eluded capture is beyond me.

Hewitt offers no proof. He references MilBlogs, blogs from military in Iraq, and Intelligence officials as a reference for stating his case while often ignoring MilBlogs from soliders who think Iraq is a mess or intelligence experts with a more centrist view of the world. And he also seems to ignore the various announcements from President Bush beginning shortly after 9/11 that the United States would track and freeze financial assets of terrorists and those who support terrorism. He also ignored USA Today’s story days earlier about how terrorist’s are resorting to a cash system to finance their efforts.

A link to the transcript and the video is here.

Hewitt is a pundit, not a journalist. In Hugh’s world, liberal media bias is bad (any news that isn’t a puff piece for the Republicans, conservatives or far right wing values is bad), but conservative media bias is the truth, therefore good. You can’t call yourself a journalist unless you present more than one side of the story. Hugh may not like the MSM, but better to have a watch dog than a lap dog.

I was happy to finally be able to respond to one of his posts where I believe he missed the point entirely (which is about every onther post). But I have to gove him credit for allowing such posts to be made in the first place. Try to do that on Michelle Malkin’s site.