Tim Whitacre Joins The Orange Juice Team

Art Pedroza at the Orange Juice Blog just revealed that they will be adding Tim Whitacre to their team of political Bloggers.

Ready or not…here comes Tim Whitacre! I have invited Whitacre, the energetic OC GOP leader and Santa Ana civic activist to join our blog team – and he has accepted. Whether you admire him or despise him, I know that you will find his comments to be interesting and relevant to the OC political scene.

You may remember Whitacre from his involvement in the recall of SASUD Board Member Nativo Lopez, or more recently on the episode of Hunt vs. Carona that landed Whitacre in court with the OC GOP.

It’s probably pretty easy for you to guess that I’m not a big fan of Whitacre’s politics, but I do admire people that aren’t afraid to tell the truth as they see it. And I respect folks, regardless of their political affiliations, that are open and honest about any personal political memberships or biases.

What I don’t admire are Bloggers, like Matt Cunningham (a.k.a. Jubal at the OCBlog) who have strong personal biases, but never reveal them to their audiences. Step up Matt; let your readers know that you are a Republican political consultant.

You’re a Republican consultant in a county that elects and re-elects Republicans. What is there to lose? I can help you reserve the domain “TheConservativeOC.com.”

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