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When I originally launghed TheLiberalOC.com, I wrote that “we don’t take money from advertisers, bullshit from conservatives, or candy from strangers.” And then recently, after adding a few non-invasive advertisements to the bottom and the right of this page, I amended that statement to say that we don’t take money from “politicians.”

Jubal at the OC Blog gave me a little jab this morning and posted this:

The presence of advertisers on The Liberal OC’s previously untainted expanse of pixels made it clear why the blog’s proud declaration of independence had been amended.

Lord knows, I have nothing against advertising. Running a blog is time consuming and ads help defray both hard costs and opportunity costs. I never understood why the bloggers at The Liberal OC felt the need to decry ad revenue as if it were somehow proof of their liberalness.

But the high-and-mighty denial of advertisements was not a claim of liberalness, and more of a claim to independence… I understand why Jubal may confuse the two.

When I started this project, I wanted to make it clear that I don’t owe anybody anything, and no particular campaign or special interest has control over the content of these pages…like some may assume that Jubal’s coverage of the 5th County Supervisors seat could be influenced by the fact that he takes money to display advertisements for Pat Bates’ campaign.

The Google Adsense program targest the content of the page and region of the viewer; I don’t have any control over which ads are displayed here. In fact, I’ll bet that most of them right now are for some Republican cause.

The ads have been on the site for about two weeks, and I’ve only earned $2. I’m not looking for revenue; my goal is to only earn enough money to cover hosting costs.

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