Painting the county blue

The number of OC Dems that were fraudulently registered as Republicans has jumped to over 500, according to the secretary of state. You may remember that the OC GOP was illegally switching the party registration of Dems in an effort to make Orange County more red. [link]

The verifiable number is now up to 536 Democrats who were fraudulently reregistered as Republicans by bounty hunters paid for each new voter they brought to the GOP.

But based on phone calls made by a Democratic Party volunteer to warn of the fraud, the ultimate number could top 1,000.

I’m not surprised that the Orange County Republicans are scared that their numbers may be slipping—according to the California Secretary of State, OC isn’t all whitie righties like you might have thought. In fact, Democrats aren’t too far from becoming a majority.

Out of the 1,349,988 registered voters in OC, 48% are Republican, 32% are Democrat and 16% have declined to state.

So when the OC Dems start stepping up and running solid candidates with solid Democratic ideals, we could easily win over that 16% that have declined to state, and turn Orange County blue. We’re so close now.

[Story via OC Register]

I was using old numbers to do this math. Wikipedia has some flaws. But with more recent data, the numbers are still quite promising:

Out of the 1,476,210 registered voters in OC, 48% are Republican, 30% are Democrat and 18% have declined to state.