King George wants MORE POWER

WASHINGTON — President Bush is pushing Congress to give him more authority to slice and dice the budget, as in a line-item veto.

“Under the current system, many lawmakers are able to insert funding for pet projects into large spending bills,” Bush said in his Saturday radio address.

On Thursday, the House passed a watered-down version of a more sweeping line-item veto law that the Supreme Court struck down in 1998, saying it took too much spending authority away from Congress.

The House bill, which passed 247-172, would let the president try to kill individual items contained in spending or tax bills that he otherwise signs into law. Congress would be required to vote on those specific items again. A simple majority in both the House and the Senate could override the president’s objections.

Lawmakers from both parties who have reservations about the line-item veto contend it shifts too much power to the president, allowing him to try to cut projects proposed by his political enemies, or to use the threat of cutting projects in exchange for favorable votes on legislation the White House desires.

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This morning, Lurk posted on the OC Blog the following tidbit from the RNC.

RNC Rips on Loretta

RNC: Sanchez Votes Against Line Item Veto; Sanchez Fails To Demonstrate Commitment To Fiscal Discipline

To: State Desk, Political Reporter
Contact: RNC Press Office, 202-863-8614

WASHINGTON, June 23 /U.S. Newswire/ — Yesterday, Rep. Loretta Sanchez worked against efforts to cut government waste by voting against the Legislative Line Item Veto of 2006.

H.R. 4890, the Legislative Line Item Veto of 2006, accomplishes:
— Spending – particularly appropriations requests – are subject to review and change;
— Directs savings from Congressionally-approved changes to deficit reduction efforts;
— Provides the President with 45 days to propose changes on spending bills;
— Requires Congress to act on proposed changes by voting up- or-down on the complete list.

“Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s reckless vote against spending restraint in Washington, D.C. is a clear indication that she has lost sight of what is important to her constituents,” said Danny Diaz, RNC Spokesperson. “Sanchez will have to explain to voters why she voted in support of wasteful spending and against carefully investing taxpayer dollars.”

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Fiscal Discipline talk out of the RNC?

Give me a break!

If I’m not mistaken the national debt is rapidly approaching $9 Trillion! The national budget deficit is greater now than it has ever been! The last time the budget was balanced was under President Bill Clinton.

Discretionary spending rose 48.5 percent in Bush’s first term, according to an analysis by the libertarian Cato Institute, twice as much as in two terms under President Bill Clinton, when spending rose 21.6 percent. Adjusted for inflation, Bush has increased total spending at an annualized rate of 5.6 percent, compared with 1.5 percent under Clinton.

Tax cuts for the richest 1%, tax credits for oil companies while they gouge us for record profits, and a line-item veto are not going to solve these problems. And giving King George a red crayon will only make things worse.

Let’s take our country back from the Republicans who can only achieve leaving no lobbyist behind (by holding their hands out).

Dump the jerks and balance the budget. Do that and you won’t need a line item veto.

I love the funnies in the morning.