A Republican can represent central OC?

Art at the Orange Juice Blog explains how Republicans can win in central Orange County.

For Daucher, Nguyen and Williams to have any hope of prevailing, they simply must work together. Nguyen can promote the three campaigns to the Vietnamese community, Williams can court the younger voters, and Daucher brings gravitas to the ticket – assuming that conservative voters can overlook her overtly liberal positions on several keystone GOP issues, such as taxes, eminent domain and abortion.

Aside from obscure vocab (I had to look the word ‘gravitas’ up), it looks like Art has put together a pretty decent plan…but he’s forgetting something important: Republicans Politicians have egos.

Daucher’s got a big one that will stop her from contacting Nguyen to court the Vietnamese vote. I’m sure she feels too experienced to solicit help from a guy that will stop at nothing to get elected…switching parties and principles with the wind.

Nguyen has been running a pretty professional campaign for a guy with no real name, money, or strong stance on issues. He doesn’t want to mess up his momentum, and his ego will stop him from contacting the cannon fodder and Michael J. Fox wannabe Ryan Gene Williams.

Good try, Art. But I think that central Orange County should continue to elect people that really represent them. People that are advocate civil liberties, social freedoms, equal rights and equal opportunity. People that believe in fighting to alleviate poverty and social injustice. People like Loretta Sanchez, Jose Solorio, and Lou Correa.

[Orange Juice Blog]