Reader rebuttal in Orange County Register

The Orange County Register published Nick Berardino’s rebuttal to the coverage of the Moorlach victory, and specifically Steve Greenhut’s “Ready to Rumble” opinion piece.

Berardino is the General Manager of the Orange County Employees Association, and he had some excellent points:

Because Moorlach’s political career is based on taking credit, deserved or not, for solving real and imagined crises. John preaches doom and gloom because it’s in his political interest. But the truth is there is no gloom and doom. Orange County is one of the most vibrant, economically sound counties in the nation. Likewise, the OCERS pension system is vibrant and economically sound.

The election is over, and John Moorlach will take office in January, but that doesn’t make him any less wrong. Wrong about crises. Wrong about pensions. Wrong about doom and gloom.

I understand financially conservative…but I can’t understand why Orange County Republicans can work so hard to attack and destroy the scaffolding that holds up the thousands of dedicated people that have devoted their lives to serve our County every day.

[Orange County Register]