Orange County blog digest

Here’s a quick roundup of what’s happening on other Orange County blogs:

Mike criticizes Frank Mickadeit’s OC Register column about flag day. [Mike’s Daily Lockup]

Miles at MetrobloggingOC writes about the 10 commandments rules of the Holy Spirit Gym in Costa Mesa. [Metroblogging OC]

Omar from the Squeeze OC went to the UCI screening of “The Rise and Fall of Irvine Meadows.” I’m a documentary nerd, so I wish I could have seen this one. I’m also intrigued by Omar’s refusal to show photos of himself anywhere—but one day me and this phantom will cross paths. [OC in OC]

Claudio from at Orange Juice professes his love for Armando de la Libertad. I can’t disagree with anything in Claudio’s post…once you get past the silly name, Armando is a pretty cool guy. This young, no-name, Berkley grad came out of nowhere and got 16% of the vote. I’d love to see him run for something like a school board or city council seat in the future. [Orange Juice]

Jubal points to a “job” at the OCTA; people with a lot of patience encouraged to apply. [OC Blog]

Gustavo Arellano has never had any problems tooting his own horn, but it looks like Matt Coker from the OC Weekly beat him to it this time. But I guess this is national exposure for Coker’s paper. [Clockwork Orange]

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  1. June 15, 2006 at 1:31 am

    Hey Mike,you missed one.

    I got slammed by Jubal on The OC Blog Wednesday:

    County Union Raiding Party Mounting Up

    “The Liberal OC blogger Chris Prevatt posted a lengthy comment to a different post in which he made this statement:

    Well I can’t dispute that public employees and their pensions are paid for with tax dollars. Conversely, I don’t think you could dispute the fact that private sector employees (of Boeing for example) and their pensions are paid for with revenues from sales of some product or service. In both cases the employee gets a benefit for providing a service or product for a consumer who pays for that product or service.”

    There’s more on

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