Mike Carona thinks he is invincible!

Superman-wannabe, Sheriff Mike Carona was re-elected this week, so you would think that he’d pack up his Superman cape and tights, and start focusing on fighting the evil villains in Metropolis Orange County.

Instead, he wants to get one last jab at his opponent in the Sheriff’s race, Bill Hunt. Hunt is a lieutenant in the OC Sheriff’s department—Carona is his boss—and Hunt was placed on administrative leave the morning after Carona won the sheriff’s race (where Hunt came in 2nd). [OC Register Story]

I guess I can understand why Carona is so cocky…look at the facts: Carona has been at the center of scandal for years, creating an ethical mess that is funny only to people not living in OC, yet he still received a majority of the votes on Tuesday, and plenty of support for Orange County Somethings. [OC Weekly’s Sheriff Scandal Archive]

Nothing is going to stop Carona now…he’s gotten away with murder (not actual murder, but just by looking at the stuff he’s gotten away with so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if Moxley at the Weekly was working on that article right now), and the people have thrown their support behind him.

County Supervisors Chris Norby and Lou Correa are a little worried that Carona has abused his county-funded attorney to investigate the Hunt nonsense, so they’re going to be bringing the attorney and Correa in to do some talking. But worry not, Carona supporters, Mike is impenetrable. [OC Register]

Not even Carona’s own words can stop him—back in 1998 when he was campaigning in the primary, Carona wrote:

I will serve no more than two terms in office as the Sheriff. I believe in the value of term limits and recognize the detriment to any organization when someone remains in office for more than two decades.

Welcome to your third term, Mikey. And remember, if you’re in bed with organized crime, or are taking some shady campaign contributions, it’s okay—Orange County voters seem to like that.

  2 comments for “Mike Carona thinks he is invincible!

  1. June 9, 2006 at 5:30 pm

    Doesn’t this sound like Animal Farm?

    Is this sign that we are moving towards facism?

    In the November 2006 elections, will the incumbent victors be able to jail their opponents?

    And, maybe by 2008, they will be able to shoot them on a firing line televised on Fox News.

  2. June 9, 2006 at 6:07 pm

    Absolute Power Corrupts,


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