A Different Way to Select Who To Vote For…

I happen to live in the 69th Assembly District and the 34th Senate District. The races here for the Democratic Primary nominations are filling my mail box and TV screen with a bunch of sleazy junk that is not helpful in any way.

My friends in South County have complained about all of the junk they are getting for the 5th District Supervisor race.

I think I have figured out a better way for us to use the mail we are getting to determine who to vote for.

1. Gather up all of the mail you receive, if you haven’t already thrown it away.

2. Separate the mail by the candidate it supports. If it is an attack on one candidate, look at who sent it and who they are supporting to see where to put it.

3. Count up the pieces of mail for each candidate.

4. In the Democratic Primary for the 69th Assembly, and 34th Senate Districts, dump off your list any candidate who has more mail paid for by independent groups than paid for directly by their campaign.

5. Vote for the person who sent you the least mail.

Happy Counting!