Vote Ralph Martin for OC Sheriff

This race for sheriff has been swallowed up with scandal and ties to the mob. And we can’t forget that “sore loser” do-over nonsense sponsored by the GOP OC.

I’m going to be straight up and say that Carona has done a decent job as sheriff for seven years. The problem is that he’s shown lousy judgment lately. The Los Angeles Times put it best in an editorial:

“The list goes on, and it points to a sheriff who has repeatedly placed political connections and campaign contributions before prudent judgment. The result is a department so demoralized and fractured that it’s unlikely the sheriff can put it back together. Carona should have stuck with the two-term pledge he made, well, two terms ago.”

If you told me today that you were just going to abstain from voting for Sheriff, I wouldn’t laugh…but maybe I’d chortle under my breath and lift my nose and act as if my political sensibilities are much more finely tuned then yours.

There’s a guy running for Sheriff that deserves your vote. It’s Ralph Martin. Martin works as a commander with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department where he oversees a division that is larger than the OC Sheriff’s territory. Martin’s resume is longer than Carona’s I.O.U. list: he’s worked for 33 years as a commander and he oversaw the addition of a task force in Compton that reduced crime in the area.

Vote for change, vote for Ralph Martin. Our county needs it.