Mike Carona mailer hits homes

He doesn’t let scandal stop him…civilian volunteers that he allows to carry guns and badges, illegal campaign contributions, sex scandal, money laundering and tax evasion, organized crime connections (with pictures!), misuse of County resources. Who the hell cares? I’m the Sheriff!

A re-elect Mike Carona mailer hit homes yesterday, and it had this 8.5 x 11 sheet full of endorsements, including the big endorsement that will be wrestled over in court after the primary:

The Los Angeles Times put it this way:

It looks to me as if Carona is having the time of his life as the county’s top cop. Controversy follows controversy and allegation follows allegation, but he keeps on smiling. He’s been accused of personal indiscretions and managerial shortcomings, and look what it’s gotten him: an endorsement from the county’s GOP Central Committee.

[LA Times]