Dems Widen Registration Lead in the 34th!

[Via Orange Juice Blog]

I think it’s funny that Claudio over at the Orange Juice Blog spends time at the Registrar of Voters website refreshing the page hoping the numbers will change, but it helped him catch this improvement:

There is an update on the registered voters in the 34th Senate District. It looks like it is getting better for the Democrats. The latest numbers are:

Democrat: 109,642 (39.9%)
Republican: 106,852 (38.8%)
Total: 275,074

We now lead by nearly 3,000 voters and over 1 percentage point, the numbers are coming back our way as they always have been. Looks like the Republicans little effort to retake the 34th through voter registration fraud failed. With the conservative wing of the Republican party disenfranchised over Daucher being considered the “golden child” to retake the 34th, the lead should continue to widen. The conservative folks who dislike Daucher were the likely foot soldiers who would have walked and knocked on doors. The New Majority crowd would never get their posh little hands dirty. Are they going to turn to paid carnies again to walk door to door who have no real loyalty or motivation to win?

No matter who wins between Umberg and Correa, there is an army of dedicated Democrats ready to go to keep the 34th. Expect the registration to widen, and expect a Democratic victory in November. Lets roll Dems! Its onto victory.