Campaign mailers spurt court order

Cassie DeYoung, the Republican mayor of Laguna Niguel, is currently running for 5th District county supervisor seat. And a Superior Court judge yesterday, issued a temporary restraining order against DeYoung finding that her campaign mail and TV ads violated state law.

At issue is a mailer made to look like a Mexican consular ID. The DeYoung campaign said the Bates photograph on the facsimile was used to illustrate that she co-authored a state law encouraging state and local public officials and agencies to accept such documents as identification.

This is another case of one Republican chewing up and spitting out another Republican. The pictures the Register article is talking about is of DeYoung’s republican opponent Pat Bates.

If you’re the type of voter that makes your decision based on photoshoped images, what do you think of this one of Pat Bates and Cassie DeYoung supervising illegal immigrants working in a strawberry field?

[OC Register]

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  1. Anonymous
    May 11, 2006 at 3:45 pm

    thats some funny shit.


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