The boycott wrap-up

Depending on which newspaper you read, there were anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 people at the rallies and marches in downtown Santa Ana yesterday. The papers are flooded with stories critiquing the success, measuring the accomplishment, and evaluating the marchers.

There is a story on page 5 of the News section of the Orange County Register where a rich white woman from Anaheim Hills talks about her loyal Mexican slave. I think that the point of the story was to get people thinking about the Mexican work-force, but the only thing that I was thinking about was the bad aftertaste I was left with after reading.

Colaco says she knows she is more fortunate: Her husband does well with the company he owns. She stays home with her four kids but could go back to school if she wanted to.

Why the hell does this woman have a housekeeper if she doesn’t even work?

In the article, you get the feeling that Colaco is concerned about the plight of the poor, Mexican immigrant. The article skips, however, what the hell she’s doing about it beside employing one Mexican woman to wash the family’s underwear while she sits on the couch watching Oprah. [OC Register]