Can Loretta lose?

Last night my friend Mikey mentioned the Tan Nguyen posters I’ve been photographing, and he asked if Tan really had a chance in the 47th Congressional District.

At first I wanted to say that Tan had no chance in hell. I wanted to say that the 47th District, home to Disneyland, The Angels, and Mike Lawson, would never support a candidate like Tan Nguyen. I wanted to say that Americans are smart enough not to elect a politician that runs on racist issues, just because he floods our streets with signs. Instead, I just said, “I don’t know.”

I said that because I didn’t want to be the idiot that called a race 6 months in advance, but now that I’ve slept on it, I can honestly say that Tan has little to no chance.

The 47th District is about 48% Democrat, 34% Republican. [stats] And the Democrat Incumbent has done a phenomenal job. Sanchez has raised almost $700,000 for this campaign, while Nguyen is still at $300,000. [Political Money Line]

So to answer your question, Mikey, No. Tan Nguyen does not have a chance.