Maids cleared in purse case

The rich Rancho Santa Margarita woman who fingered her three immigrant housekeepers of stealing her purse, prompting the feds to deport the three women, found her purse at a local restaurant. This is like the plot of a Will & Grace episode, minus the funny.

“If they were non-Latino, they wouldn’t have been asked for residency,” said Amin David of the Latino-advocacy group Los Amigos of Orange County. He said the “horrible aspect” of the case was that immigration authorities were brought into it, and that it was made worse by the fact that the woman found her purse. David said the case was a “domino effect” from anti-immigrant feelings.

Anti-immigrant stories have been popping up in the paper more and more, and I’m disturbed that nobody in Orange County is really reporting on the racist undertones that accompany all of them.

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